Bikes@syd National Spotlight

Posted Sunday December 4, 2022

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Our Bikes@syd coordinator, Alex Gorrie, spoke with Leeana Tamati, the communications advisor for WasteMINZ, about how rakatahi from all walks of life and in different stages of education have created a programme that gives new life to bicycles otherwise destined for landfill. 

The bicycle recycling programme supports individuals and whānau to receive bicycles for free which in turn supports them to make use of this mode of transport for social interaction, commuting, or getting out and about in the wider Ōtepoti community. 

The benefits of the programme are far-reaching. In December, sẏd was able to gift 15 bicycles to Presbyterian Support Otago and Anglican Family Care to give to whānau in need for Christmas. Sẏd has also just released a more streamlined referral process for agencies and community groups to refer whānau or individuals who need bicycles, which we hope will ensure that the bicycles saved from landfill will find people to use them in a more circular, sustainable economy.

To read the article, head here. To find out more about how you or an organisation you work with can access our referral process for recycled bicycles, please read our article on this in this newsletter.

A big thank you to the Dunedin City Council Waste Minimisation team for their enthusiastic support and funding of the bikes@syd programme as well as supporting the creation of this article in Revolve.