13 ways to talk about 13 Reasons Why 

Posted Thursday April 20, 2017

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix show which explores some of the reasons behind the death-by-suicide of Hannah who narrates through a series of suicide tapes. Unfortunately it would appear that no mental health, suicide prevention guidelines, or ethical concerns made any part of the show development process. The show attempts to address serious topics like bullying, misogyny, relationships, rape, social media, privacy, mental health, and even suicide, which are serious, topical issues. It has however raised these issues in a format accessible and understandable to young people.

What is does open up are opportunities to talk about aspects of young peoples lives that may not normally form part of our conversations . 

We developed 13 talking points which may help you to discuss some aspects of 13 Reasons Why in a constructive way over here at the Hive site