Dunedin Youth Council Members visit Balclutha

Posted Monday September 11, 2017

The Clutha District Council Mayor, CEO, Councillors, staff and the Clutha Youth Council hosted  Dunedin Youth Council members along with Malcam and DCC staff members. 

We  were priviliged to facilitate a visit by the Dunedin City Youth Council to the Clutha District Youth Council September meeting.    After sharing kai together, we all learned about how the Clutha Youth Council works and the power they have both in terms of reach in to their community and also their ability to make any recommendation to the Clutha District Council. This was a wonderful opportunity for the two youth councils to share their successes and challenges and learn from each other how they may do things differently, better and together. We plan to make this a regular event and build on the strengths of the two youth councils to benefit young people in each region.   The conversations and brainstorming is well underway.

Malcam wants to express a big Thank You to everyone for the wonderful evening. We acknowledge the effort of many to bring these groups together and know that the results will be positive and many. 

Next step is to bring Clutha Youth Council to Dunedin - watch this space.