Google Girls C.S. First 

Posted Tuesday February 14, 2017

Within the next 20 years, 47-81% of jobs as we currently understand them will be under threat from technology. This includes jobs that have always been considered ‘safe’ from automation. But until we achieve a collective understanding of what exponential technological growth truly looks like — and how it affects us all — we will be at a disadvantage.

Girls in particular are failing to access computer science positions in second level school, for a range of reasons. We aim to address some of these by offering a safe supportive environment for girls to learn to code, free of any 'nerd' connotations. 

Our initiative is to teach fundamental programming skills to girls to encourage women in technical fields. This class will be taught by volunteers from the Women in Computer Science Society at the University and is an incredible learning experience for both sides of the classroom.

This round of CS First filled up fast, we will offer another round in the winter so keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates