Minecraft Club is back 

Posted Sunday February 19, 2017

We are currently prepping for the return of Minecraft Club on March 12th. After a 50 week run  last year we are looking forward to developing Minecraft Club  into an even better learning tool this year. 

 In Minecraft the core gameplay revolves around construction. Players can gather materials and either place them in the world to create various structures or use them to create other items. The virtual world of Minecraft consists of square blocks that can be altered and manipulated to build and create landscapes, using a variety of different in-world resources, such as timber or iron. In addition, Minecraft has the capacity for multiple players to collaborate within the same worlds at the same time. It is possible for players to collaboratively design and build a unique place, building, society or world using the tools provided in the game.

Some schools have begun using Minecraft as a teaching tool on a variety of topics from humanities to chemistry . Increasingly diverse Minecraft worlds are being built by communities and made available so that students can explore these virtual worlds from the comfort of the classroom. Children can explore the  Colosseum in Rome at the height of the Roman Empire, or a tour of the streets and buildings of Dublin, Ireland during year 1916. These ‘virtual field trips’ have some obvious advantages; children can explore sites that may be geographically remote, inaccessible to them or even past historic sites.

In addition to virtual tourism children at Minecraft club will explore math, physics and chemistry during our many varied sessions, which also encourage co-operative team lead behaviours, so its not just playing on your own!

Do you know a teenager who might be interested in volunteering with Minecraft Club as one of our hosts for younger visitors?  Get them to fill in an interest form here! 

Do you know a kid that loves Minecraft but needs it to be a bit more sociable?  Sign up here