Teambuilding fun with the Dunedin Youth Council.

Posted Monday November 21, 2016

They got alongside us and identified areas they wanted further development in, and we all started working together.

While we are not a part of the council itself - us not being youth and all - I have to say I admire the work they are doing to overcome the challenges of having a Youth Voice heard in local government.    They are in the unique position of being able to see and consider how our local government policies impact on young people in this community.  

We have had lots of fun together and I hope we can keep working with the Youth Council team for many years to come.   These photos are of a teambuilding exercise to welcome the new members that will be starting in earnest next year, and to farewell those that are leaving the Council at the end of this year.

Thank you so much for welcoming us in and making time for us in your already busy schedules.   Garth and I look forward to working with you all next year and for those leaving the group we wish you all the very best with your exams and for your futures.

Fiona and Garth - Malcam Trust