New Bicycle Referral process

Posted Monday January 9, 2023

Our referral process removes barriers for organisations to be able to access the bicycles - and helps focus our efforts on getting bicycles to those who need them most. Our bicycle recycling programme has even gained national recognition in the latest parliament session.

In response to a question from MP Naisi Chen to the Minister for Youth about what recent reports the Minister for Youth has seen in evaluating the outcomes of programme design to support and empower rangatahi; Willow-Jean Prime used Southern Youth Development's bicycle recycling programme as an example of great people doing great work.

Watch the video of Willow-Jean Prime talking about Southern Youth Development here.

Our bicycle recycling programme is just one of the projects we do to connect rakatahi in with their whānau, peers and community - empowering them to re-engage and participate in their world, and their communities. You can find out more about what we do by heading to our website: