Veggie Box Trial

Posted Monday March 13, 2017

The Otago Polytechnic (OP) Ozone Café kitchen and their wonderful chef Mark Lane are receiving a ‘mystery’ box by us on a weekly basis and have been thankful and appreciative of the fresh, local food they are getting from us. The OP Sustainable Practice Group is keen to promote what we are doing and we are hoping to raise our profile through this.

We have four friendly customers who have been very supportive, keen and patient being our guinea pigs trialling a $30 veggie box each week. The responses have been very positive (i.e. the boxes have been generous and enough to feed 2-3 people) and we already have keen beans on a waiting list for next summer. If all goes to plan we are hoping to deliver 20 veggie boxes next summer. We are keen to trial 5 boxes with people who wouldn’t normally be able to receive or be connected to fresh food such as ours. If you have any ideas how we might be able to get a pilot off the ground next summer (e.g. subsidised boxes) please get in touch.

The garden is buzzing with activity. We are currently munching on:

8-piece salad mix, carrots, beetroot, 2 types of kale, silverbeet, icecream turnips, radishes, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, yellow heritage tomatoes, African squash, pumpkin, broccoli, strawberries, and thornless blackberry.

We are also in the process of digging up and sorting through six potato varieties which we are hoping to expand from and grow into next year.