Young energy

Posted Monday March 13, 2017

In January East Taieri Church Holiday Programme visited for a ‘vegetable scavenger hunt’, they found a myriad of fungi and critters, and cooked up a storm with treats found in the garden. ‘The day was one of the highlights of the programme and we hope to come back during Easter’, reported Heather Moore, coordinator of the programme.

Young job seekers carrying out the 6-week BASE programme enjoyed their time at our place making new garden beds and solving structures for the snowpeas. BASE has been coming to KG at the end of each intake to learn about gardening and some young people have transitioned into the FarmHand programme.

25 Unicrew Student Volunteers from Arana and Cumberland colleges made a big dent to the place during Orientation week and the Unicrew’s drive placing 800 students across a myriad of community projects. They helped potting up hundreds of strawberry plants and tackling some of our most weedy garden beds. We are grateful for their dedication.

FarmHand students are back on deck every Wednesday and have been getting into a variety of projects. This year for the first time the students are receiving a planter box for their backyard and we have supported them with advice, seeds and seedlings. Seven out of ten students have taken up the gardening challenge and are happily reporting back about the development of their home-grown veggies. Epic!