Bushcraft at syd

Posted Sunday October 30, 2022

After a few years where the absence of Bushcraft was lamented there was a resurrection of sorts when we brought it back. SYD took the graduating Akonga course group down to the Catlins for a two night, three days of outdoor challenging fun. Bivvy building was both fun and educational. Skills you never know when you might need. Shelters built in the bush where despite the weather not really cooperating enough to let us sleep in them they were build up to a good standard. The students learnt how to keep themselves alive should they get lost in the bush, how to build a reasonable shelter quickly and very importantly where.

In our busy modern lives we spend very little time truly alone. A great test of ones individuality is the beach solo. Students are expected to spend a significant amount of time by themselves, without phones or a source of light, just them alone, in the dark sitting on the beach. All the students had a good experience, as usual those who thought it’d be easy thought it was hard, those who thought it would be hard really enjoyed it.

Three brave souls threw themselves through the bush attempting to follow both Garth’s navigation education and the bearing they shot on their compass. They did good, sweaty dirty good, getting close to right on the mark.

One of the best times we share together on any Bushcraft is the evening by the fire. Despite Jethro’s immense struggle to get it lit in the cold and damp eventually a warm, cozy blaze burned while we sat, told jokes and stories, ate marshmallows cooked just a light toasty brown (the carbon is bad for you!) and looked up at the stars counting the satellites. When was the last time you did that?