Minecraft 2.0, Bigger, better and brighter

Posted Monday March 13, 2017

Class 1 at 9.30 caters for little ones, aged 5-7 who are just starting on computers but have loads to tell us about Minecraft. This week we mixed basic literacy and creativity by reading them a classic fairy tail and letting them create characters, buildings and dialogue around the theme. We has a great response and lots of variety in the houses created for the three little pigs in Minecraft

Class 2 at 10.30 is our intermediate class for 7-10 year olds, we decided to so some material sciences and experimentation with this group. We are testing materials in Minecraft to determine wether the game dynamics reflects real world dynamics. We decided to test leather armour and wood tools, after gathering the essential ingredients and materials the class engaged in a battle royale. Last body standing was timed at 1.12sec. Next week we will test different sword combinations with additional challenges.

Class 3 at 11.30 is our senior class, these people know their Minecraft. We had a special guest come along Jason Lindsey who runs Petridish from 8 Stafford Street. Jason is a digital animation professional who works out of a heritage building in Dunedin. A former Hat factory is now home a range of creative digital startups. The class got ground plans and elevations for the building and then planned in groups what materials and scale to use. After a few hiccups a front elevation appeared and ver the next few weeks we will finish the build. Jason has also offered to bring the group on a tour of the building so we're looking forward to making that happen!

If you are interested in Minecraft Club please drop us a line or just take the plunge and book online!