Our Community Gardens

Posted Thursday August 24, 2023

Our planter boxes, which grows seasonal vegetables and herbs at all times during the year, are maintained by our rakatahi, where they learn key skills about gardening and growing food. Depending on the vegetables, it is very rare for the rakatahi to be able to see the fruits of their labour, but they all pitch in and get involved to help the wider community. It's a really popular pastime for many of the rakatahi who come to syd.

All of our excess vegetables and herbs are given to local foodbanks. Rakatahi are also able to take some home for their whānau. As well as growing food, our rakatahi also learn how to cook while with us, so rakatahi are then able to go home and show off their new skills to their whānau with food that they have helped to grow.

If you have any seedlings that you would like to donate to syd to help with our community gardens, or have some expertise to share, please get in touch with us at info@syd.org.nz and let us know.

Donations for the community gardens can be made by direct debit. Information below.

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