Social Media for Social Good 

Posted Sunday March 19, 2017

Modern not-for-profits know they need to communicate the importance of their cause and their work to local and global communities online if they really want to affect change. But how do you create the content that social media audiences want to see and share? A strong, consistent, engaging social media presence is the key to reaching new audiences, as well as engaging existing friends, supporters and contributors. 

When there is a free window available showing who you are and what you do, it makes sense to put your best foot forward.

Aims of the Course

  • Understanding how to engage people, and do it in an ethical, strengths-lead way
  • Empower local NFP organisations and their people to make an impact through their social media communications; to build online communities of advocates.
  • Enthuse and encourage those responsible for social media updates by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to grow their confidence.
  • Protect staff and volunteers from online security issues by giving them the knowledge they need to communicate appropriately with the wider public.

Outcomes of the course

  • Understand the ethical obligations and safety concerns of charities communicating with the public on social media
  • Learn what works in the Not-for-Profit sector with examples and practical advice on crafting quality posts
  • Gain feedback on what is currently working and what needs improvement on your organisation’s social profiles
  • Step-by-step guide to organising a Not-for-Profit social media content plan
  • Understand the importance of good photography and design online and how to create it within your own organisation

Who should do the course

  • Not-for-Profit directors and managers, staff members or volunteers responsible for Social Media updates, volunteers who run or have access to organisational social media accounts, communications staff or volunteers - across all industries in the NFP, community or public sectors involved in campaigning and recruiting public support.

You should attend this course if:

  • You feel a gap in your knowledge or understanding of social media strategy for the NFP sector
  • You have been assigned the task of growing public awareness, support or donations for your organisation
  • You have little budget for traditional marketing and advertising and want to get the most value from the free opportunities in social media marketing
  • You feel the need to audit where your branded channels are at currently or to understand why they are not performing as well as you expected
  • You want to keep up with larger organisations in your sector and compete fairly in a crowded online space

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