Thank you to our supporters

Posted Thursday May 25, 2023

We are utterly humbled and incredibly grateful for the unwavering support our community has showered upon Southern Youth Development. Your commitment and generosity have fueled our mission, and we can't help but express our heartfelt thanks!

From recycling bicycles to community projects, you've stood by us every step of the way, making a tangible impact on the lives of the youth we serve. Your support isn't just a contribution; it's a catalyst for positive change and empowerment.

Together, we've created a community that believes in the potential of every young person to achieve their own successes. Whether it's through donations, volunteer hours, or simply spreading the word, you've made a difference.

As we reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon, we want you to know that your kindness has not gone unnoticed. Southern Youth Development isn't just an organisation; it's a family, and you are an integral part of it.

So, here's to you – our amazing supporters! Your belief in the power of youth development is transforming lives and creating a brighter future for all. Let's continue this journey together, creating more opportunities, breaking down barriers, and fostering a community that believes in the potential of every Southern youth.

Asmuss Foundation

Dunedin Adventures

Road Materials Workgear

Business South

Dunedin Beekeepers Club

Dunedin Venues


Let's Go Fitness

Calder Stewart Coastal Classic

Speedy Signs

Sport Otago


AA Autocentre Dunedin

New World Dunedin


Z Energy - Good in the Hood