Recycled bikes flying out the door

Posted Wednesday May 24, 2023

Bikes@syd is our youth-led programme that supports bicycle maintenance skills while saving bicycles that would otherwise stay in landfill. These bicycles are then gifted to the community to help with transport, community and fun for anyone who needs them. Rakatahi learn practical skills and connect with community in a collaborative, supportive way that has sustainability and a circular economy at its core. We're really proud of this programme!

A key aim of the programme is to encourage the use of alternative transport avenues that has long lasting health benefits through exercise and waste reduction. Feedback from rakatahi at the completion of restoring bicycles is predominately about the sense of accomplishment that they have recreated something new. With the focus on completed bicycles going out to community members needing them, young people also broaden their worldviews and engage with positive social outcomes across a range of backgrounds. 

You can find out more about our bikes@syd programme by heading to our website here: